Delaney De orres.17'Texas Satx.




im so addicted to this gif of when she won the grammy she is such a goddamn sweetheart

This gave me chills.. RIP angel

Holly shit. I feel like crying when I see this…


our president is a sarcastic motherfucker.

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Tippi Degré, the girl who spent her childhood in the African jungle

Tippi Degré could be a normal girl, but for the fact of having lived 13 years of her life in the African jungle, living with all kinds of animals, from the most peaceful to the largest predators. A kind of Mowgli in females. Since her birth in 1990 until she was 13-years-old Tippi lived in the African jungle, but after Tippi moved with her parents to Paris and the result was expected: the girl couldn’t relate because she had “little in common” with other children. She was educated at home and today, at age 23, studying cinema at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. [read more]

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